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Do You Need an Acting Coach?

At a certain point in your acting studies or career, it could be advantageous to work one-on-one with a coach. A coach can give you individual attention to help you improve your abilities, strengthen your performance or audition, and achieve your goals. If you're getting ready for a special audition or performance, you will want to prepare to do your best.

An experienced acting teacher can help you prepare for an audition by: helping you choose pieces appropriate for you and for the audition; helping you reach your best performance; letting you know what to expect and how to approach your audition; working with you on your character(s); working with you on your voice and movement; teaching you how to warm up and be ready to do your best! It's not usually possible to get this type of specific feedback in a class. Classes are the best place to build a foundation based on strong acting fundamentals. Private lessons with a coach are a great way to take things further.

Someone pursuing serious professional goals might choose to work with an acting coach on an ongoing basis. It can also be beneficial to work with a coach for a few sessions, before a special audition or performance.

Did you know that an acting coach can help you even if you're not an actor? Singers, dancers, and other performers are also called upon to give dynamic, dramatic performances that tell a story and portray a character. A great acting coach can help you give a performance that comes from the heart, whatever type of performer you are!

Aleta Barthell has acted on stage, screen, and tv, and she has many years experience as an acting teacher and coach. She has helped actors and dancers prepare for commercial, film, and stage auditions. If you're interested in taking your performance to the next level with private lessons, get in touch today and see how she can help you!
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