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Will an acting class help
my shy introverted child?

Sometimes Kids Act classes can help make a profound difference for shy or introverted kids.

The bear in this photo is Bella. Bella and her little girl took Kids Act classes in the 4-6 year old group. Bella the bear used to do all of the talking for her little girl. Even all of the little girl’s lines were spoken by “Bella.”

Two years later, a taller version of this girl bounded into the classroom...this time in the 7-11 year old group. It was Bella’s little girl! It was a little tricky to recognize her at first, she wasn’t so little anymore, and there was no Bella with her. This older girl stepped forward in the classroom...and on stage...and spoke ALL of her own lines...and in a beautifully full voice!

Imagine! Create! Perform! Whether your child is meant to be on stage or needs a little more confidence in speaking in front of their classmates, Kids Act can help motivate, inspire, and enrich your child. Through playing theater games, creating characters and stories, and performing for friends and family, Kids Act encourages students to manifest their talents and abilities through the joy of creative expression.

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